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The Pembury Tavern, smoke free

A pub crawl to celebrate the first day of a smoking ban in England starting on Sunday 1st July 2007.

Our plan was to go to the Pembury Tavern, along the 277 bus route, but there has been a rule change.

We are starting at the Grapes at 3pm. The Grapes is in Narrow Street in Limehouse, and from then can crawl (row, steam, paddle?) the Palm Tree along the Regent's Canal. From there we plan to end up at the Pembury Tavern for something to eat. Aim to arrive at the Pembury around 7pm, or before last food orders at 9pm. Other pubs on the putative route can be found below.

The Pubs

The group visited these pubs:

  • The Grapes
  • The Oporto
  • The Palm Tree
  • The Approach Tavern
  • The Pembury Tavern
  • The Railway Tavern

Details of pubs on the route

Travel Plans

I thought we might Walk It. The 277 bus route acts as rough guide to the route. Starting from E14 8BP, stopping at E3 5BH and ending at E8 1JH. The first leg could be a canalside walk, along the Regent's Canal, if go directly from The Grapes to the Palm Tree. The Palm Tree is close to Victoria Park and hence the 277 route.


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